Astrid Astoja

About Astoja

Astoja helps passionate managers get more results and more job satisfaction through training & coaching. 

My name is Astrid Frissen, born near Maastricht in South-Limburg, Netherlands. With my masters degree in Business Economics I started working in an international auditing company and later in an international University. During my 15 years at this university I build a succesful career: starting as a financial controller, I became a teamleader and manager of research. I learned about human resources, order management, public relations and communication, ICT, risk management, facility management etc. I learned about organisational politics and leadership by values. It was a dynamic and challenging environment, that I left to discover a new field of work: managing primary and secondary education. At the same time I started and completed a 2 year education and also became a mastercoach. 

Because of my passion for business-management and coaching I discovered how my approach to management helped me in reaching my goals, while enjoying my work and teams. Other organisations started inviting me to talk about my ‘secrets’ to being a succesfull leader. During one of those presentations I realized that I could help other passionate managers with their ongoing struggle to reach their goals and work with a great sense of job satisfaction. That was the moment I decided to dedicate myself to help others with the same problems that I had during my career.

It was then that I started to develop a leadership-model that is easy to work with and contains all my lessons learned. Together with other leaders and managers I finetuned this and now it is the center of my training & coaching approach. My approach became so succesfull that as of 2019 I could fully dedicate myself to being an independent professional coach, trainer and interim-manager who can support managers and their teams in their development.

It is amazing to see others realise their full potential with my model, to see how they surprise themselves and others with their abilities. Do you want to accomplish this too? Let’s meet and get to know one another. I always enjoy meeting other passionate managers and leaders!