Coaching services

What can  you expect from me?


In my coaching I will focus on an individual or team. I will be there just for you or your team. Without judgement, I will listen to your questions and needs. Respectful of your personal boundaries and limits, we will identify your goals and research the development process you wish to make. I will support your quest with my personal and working experiences and my education in a professional way that best fits your needs and your environment.

For every individual or team, I will prepare a personal and unique plan of action, based on the meetings we have, so it fits your exclusive needs and environment. During our sessions we will have thought exercises, fill out questionnaires, mirror and confront your opinions and assumptions. We will try new (behavioral) experiments to test self-insights or practice new behavior and you will learn to reflect on situations to help your development. Next to meetings in person, we can also include e-mail coaching and video coaching (Skype). In short, I will challenge you in many ways to discover yourself and to develop yourself towards the goals we agreed upon. This also means that during our sessions, we will explicitly look for ways to hold on to the knowledge you found during our sessions. I believe it is important that you know how to proceed with your development after we said goodbye. 

During the coaching process your honesty is essential in order to find your potential and talents. This may make you feel vulnerable or shy. I believe it is crucial that we feel safe and comfortable in each other’s company. Therefore we will meet and get acquainted, before we decide together if I can be your coach and if we will proceed with other sessions. We will then establish your goals, the coaching process and other related issues in an agreement.     


Individual coaching:

  • Personal coaching
  • Personal leadership
  • Self assertion
  • Self confidence
  • Communication
  • Cultural differences
  • Personal development
  • Skills improvement
  • Performance improvement
  • Dream carreer
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching


  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Mission and strategy development
  • Teamvalues